General Questions

Why do I need to apply?

Bhakti Centre is established around a certain ethos.  It allows individuals to experience a fulfilling Krishna conscious lifestyle, in the company of like-minded friends.  A spiritual mood is found at Bhakti Centre, and we want to ensure that each of our guests will add to that experience.

Who can stay at Bhakti Centre?

Bhakti Centre is a new project and facilities currently exist for men only.  We hope that in time we will be able to facilitate ladies too.

Application Process

In the initial stage please contact us to discuss your requirements.



What type of accomodation is available?

Accomodation is available in clean, tidy single or twin rooms, with shared bathroom facilities.  Spacious storage is provided in each room.


Spiritual Aspects

How will Bhakti Centre help me in my spiritual quest?

As well as daily Aratis and other services, our spacious temple room is ideal for worship.